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Donating Money

There are a number of ways you can be part of the assistance to these needy hard working families.
We begin collecting donations for the next farm worker season in October of each year.  So we can determine how much help we can provide and negotiate prices with the food suppliers, we need to know by the end of November what donations we have.  Once we determine how much we have in donations, and the price of the food staples, we can reach out to the farms to determine how many families we will be able to assist.


1. Donate by check - send directly to: Dennis Fair 

1502 Country Club Place

Manhattan, KS 66502

2. For donations to be tax deductible, we have partnered with the Children’s Foundation that helps support orphaned children. 10% of donations are retained by them to support the orphanage. To donate, make your check out to The Children’s Foundation, noted as Migrant Field  Workers and send to:

The Children's Foundation               
PO Box 1443                
Loveland, CO 80539

For credit card or Pay Pal tax- deductible contributions:

IMPORTANT:  To be sure the program receives your donation, send Dennis an email alerting him that you have made a donation so that he can follow up with the Foundation.

3. You can donate directly to Dennis either by dollars or pesos if you are in Manzanillo

4. Volunteer to help deliver the food bags on one day if you will be in Manzanillo (Dec-Feb) and  if you have a vehicle that can hold 20-45 large bags (About 20 lbs. each)

Donate: Donate
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